I am available to work privately with a small number of students, and love helping emerging writers get their work in shape for publication. Please be in touch if you need a manuscript consultation, editing & structural advice, or general critique. My rate is $90 per hour. 


"Nicole is an amazing instructor. It's sometimes hard to find the right mix of generative inspiration, craft and structure - but Nicole does just that. She brings it all the elements together in a way that feels fun and intuitive. Whether you're a beginning writer or putting the polishing touches on your almost-finished manuscript, Nicole teaches in such a way that there's something for everyone. My writing has not only improved thanks to Nicole, but I always feel energized and ready to produce more after class." - Allison Ellis

"Sometimes a writer needs structure and accountability in order to keep pace on a project; Nicole's class gave me both of these, and the social aspect I needed in my writing process. If you want a fun teacher with great prompts that inspire you, Let Nicole be your Captain!" –Lance Garland

"Nicole's editing always pushes my writing further. With her background in poetry, she instills a command of each line and has a way of making everything sound better. She's edited my fiction and essays, and, as in her own work, she can go hilarious or heartbreaking." - Paulette Perhach


Richard Hugo House, 2010—2016 

  • Memoir as Quest 16 week class

  • Writing the Epiphany. One day class, for writers of poetry or prose

  • The Most Personal Essay. 8 week course. 

  • The Non-fiction Book Proposal. One day or 6 week course. 

  • The Modern Love Story. One day class

  • Generation Station. One day class. 

  • Multiple Personalities: 6 week course

  • Poetry Bootcamp. 6 week course. 






Hedgebrook Summer Salon 2016

  • The Unexpected Ending, one day class

Seattle Public Library 2016

  • Telling Our Personal Stories, one day class

Queen Anne Writer’s Studio 2016

  • Telling Our Personal Stories, one day class

  • The Art of Getting Started, two day intensive

Other Recent Lectures

  • Guest lecture University of Washington, 2016

  • Guest lecture Seattle University 2016

  • Guest teacher at Writing is My Drink Conference, Doe Bay 2013 & 2015

  • Guest lecture Edmonds Community College, University of Washington 2013

  • Panelist, AWP Boston: It’s Funny Because It’s True, The Nonfiction Book Proposal

  • Guest teacher, Scribes via Richard Hugo House, 2011, 2013, 2015